You'll find more than just air compressors

Air Compressor Services does more than just sell you an assortment of parts. You can also count on our dedicated technicians to repair all kinds of compressor equipment. Our services include:

to fix your car lifts and inspect your equipment

to fix your commercial paint sprayer

to keep your high-pressure air tanks in peak condition

Reach out to Air Compressor Services today to find out what our experienced technicians can do for you. Stop by our repair shop at your convenience.

Don't Worry-We Work Well Under Pressure

Don't Worry-We Work Well Under Pressure

Get commercial and industrial air compressors at affordable prices

An air compressor is responsible for storing your machine's energy in the form of pressurized air. When you need to draw on this energy, your air compressor releases it in an even burst. To keep your compressor in good working condition, turn to Air Compressor Services. We sell, repair and install air compressors for all kinds of machinery, from cars to commercial paint sprayers. We'll take care of your commercial and industrial air compressor needs right away.

Visit our repair shop today to purchase a new air compressor. An experienced technician will help you find the right one for the task at hand.

What makes Air Compressor Services so reliable?

Air Compressor Services is dedicated to helping our clients in the western Colorado area with their air compressor needs. You can trust us to repair your air compressor or sell you a new one because:

#1. We're skilled

We've served the western Colorado area for over 20 years

#2. We're versatile

We repair and sell car compressor parts for all makes and models

#3. We're fully stocked

We strive to keep the parts you need on hand

Contact Air Compressor Services today to speak with a technician about your air compressor needs. We'll do everything we can to help you out.

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