Air compressors are essential components in a wide range of machinery. HVAC systems, power tools, and even paintball guns all need air compressors to function properly. If your machine needs a new air compressor, reach out to Air Compressor Services right away. We sell and repair air compressors for all kinds of machinery.

Visit Air Compressor Services in Grand Junction, CO today to get the parts & lubricant you need.

What can Air Compressor Services do for you?

Air Compressor Services can handle all of your air compressor needs with ease.  Specialists on all manufacturer makes and models including vacuum and blowers.  When you come to our repair shop, you can count on us to:

  • Carefully inspect your machinery
  • Determine exactly what parts you need
  • Find out whether your parts are covered by warranty
  • Take care of your air compressor repair or installation needs

Contact Air Compressor Services now to speak with an experienced technician about your machinery. Want to handle the maintenance yourself? We sell a wide selection of synthetic lubricants and quality parts to keep your air compressor in peak condition.